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Spanish celebrations

This week has been full of Spanish traditions and culture. On Tuesday, we celebrated San Isidro. Chulapos and Chulapas were everywhere in sight! The children were adorable in their costumes, especially when they paired up to learn the traditional ‘Chotis’ dance of Madrid. We finished the day off with our favourite chocolate and churros merienda and a Spanish tortilla competition for parents (judged by our willing team of staff).
A huge thank you to our Spanish staff for putting in lots of effort to make it such an enjoyable day for everyone.

Learning about vertebrates

Very impressive projects from our Year 2's who are learning about vertebrates in Spanish class. The children became the teachers whilst showing off their creative work and teaching each other all about the different types of animals and creatures.

We love Books!

This week in school we are celebrating book week! We started off with a fancy dress day where the children and teachers dressed up as their favourite book character. We got to see all of the different characters in assembly. There were lots of characters from Harry potter, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and many more. We also had special certificates for the most creative costumes. Yesterday we had a storytelling afternoon where parents and children listened to stories read by our teachers. We are excited to enjoy the rest of the week with lots of fun reading activities!

Los Bomberos Madrid

This week we had the firefighters of Madrid in school teaching the children all about fire hazards and safety. They had lots of fun watching the teachers dress up as firefighters at the end. A big thank you to Los Bomberos for taking time to come out to our school.

Parents book look

It's nice for parents to get the chance to see their children's work. Yesterday we had our first ever Book Look for parents. The children were super excited to show their parents all their hard work and parents were amazed at how the children have progressed since the start of the year. It was an enjoyable evening for everyone.

May Fair

This year’s May Fair is to be hosted at King’s College, Soto de Viñuelas on Saturday 27th May. Come along for the fun, food, activities and events which will be going on all afternoon (13:00 – 17:00).

Raffle Donations Help Needed:

This year we are also looking for raffle prize donations and we would love it if you could help us with this. With all the proceeds going to great causes such as Amigos de NyumbaniBomberos AyudanAPAMA and Fundación Juegaterapía, it would be great if you could donate! If you would like to donate a prize before Wednesday 3rd May, please contact Paula Parkinson, our May Fair Coordinator:

We very much hope you’ll be able to form part of what is set to be a great day.

Glorr Foundation collection

We are participating in the Glorr Foundation Spring Campaign for the collection of used clothes, shoes and textiles. If you would like to participate, please bring your used items to school in the bag that we have provided in your child's folder. The collection date will be 26th April .Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Yummy fruit salads

Nursery had lots of fun yesterday making delicious fruit salads. They learnt how to cut up the fruit into small pieces all by themselves and mix it in the bowl. The best part was getting to eat it all up when they were done!

Mr Charlie comes to school

Today has been a fun filled friday for everyone. The children got a visit from Mr Charlie who taught them all about the importance of recycling. After the show, we all enjoyed a nice picnic in the patio in the lovely sunshine. What a wonderful Friday.

We're having a ball!

We love our new ball pool. It is so much fun! Another one of our favourite group activities from play time is the parachute. We love that everyone can join in and play different games!

Meet our House Captains of 2017

Congratulations to our new House Captains!
Representing the Red House are Leonardo and Diego, the Blue House; Lucia H and Lucia M, Yellow; Elena and Helena, and the Green House; Evan and Ewan. All captains enjoyed a special tea party with Ms Sharp. Well Done!

Carnival Celebrations!

What an extraordinary day we had celebrating Carnival! Everyone looked incredible in their bright costumes and we saw many different characters. Lots of prizes were handed out for some amazing handmade costumes. We love dressing up!