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And the winner is..

Congratulations to the red house! After our super fun Sports Day yesterday the red house have taken home the house trophy of 2017. It was a close call, with only 8 points between 1st and 4th place. We had lots of running, jumping, water sports and parachute games out on the top and bottom patio and the outdoor pitch. Our children love doing PE and sports day is always a great way to bring fun into keeping active whilst building their teamwork skills. The children love it!
Click below to check out more photos from yesterdays sports day.

Party time for Koalas!

The Koalas went out with a bang with their end of year show. We were swept through the seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn where they showed us all what they have learned throughout the year. We were surprised with a special party at the end with balloons, confetti and plenty of singing and dancing. They enjoyed every minute of it and even got the parents to join in! What a blast!

Reception Summer Show

Reception brought us on a magical fairytale adventure telling the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Goldilocks and many more. They put in lots of effort to give a super duper performance. How cute are they in their costumes!

Year 1 Summer show

It's the end of term and our summer shows have been a great success. Year 1 took us through the decades with classic hits from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, S Club 7 and many more - You couldn't help but sing along! Our Year 1's were buzzing with energy and gave a 10/10 performance. Well done!

Year 2 Graduation!

It's all coming to an end for Year 2! Congratulations to the class of 2017 who have finally graduated from King's Infant School. After a very successful show in the morning, we enjoyed a lovely ceremony where the children received their graduation certificates and gifts followed by a special final merienda for the Pandas and Monkeys. We will be sad to see them leave, but they are all very excited to move to their new schools in september. Good luck to all!

Reception trip to Juan Carlos

Reception had their end of year trip to Juan Carlos park this week. We went on an exciting photo scavenger hunt and came across many different animals, shapes and plants. We also made lovely drawings of the sculpture with our partners. We then got to cool down with a super fun water fight and a play in the park. The trip ended with a delicious packed lunch on the grass and a relaxing mindfulness activity, where we practiced our breathing and meditation skills.

Music Week

We've had a wonderful week of music, with many great performances from our children and parents. It was great to learn about all the different types of music and instruments from around the world and even better to hear them in real life! Thank you to all our music teachers, parents and pupils for making it such an excellent week.

Spanish celebrations

This week has been full of Spanish traditions and culture. On Tuesday, we celebrated San Isidro. Chulapos and Chulapas were everywhere in sight! The children were adorable in their costumes, especially when they paired up to learn the traditional ‘Chotis’ dance of Madrid. We finished the day off with our favourite chocolate and churros merienda and a Spanish tortilla competition for parents (judged by our willing team of staff).
A huge thank you to our Spanish staff for putting in lots of effort to make it such an enjoyable day for everyone.

Learning about vertebrates

Very impressive projects from our Year 2's who are learning about vertebrates in Spanish class. The children became the teachers whilst showing off their creative work and teaching each other all about the different types of animals and creatures.

Year 2 Music Fun

Year 2 have been enjoying their music lessons with Miss Martin. The children have been learning lots including how to play the kazoo. With the help of Lulu they are enjoying their lessons as music leaders. Year 2 are now starting to learn the recorder and I am sure we will be having some performances…


Music Class

Music continues to be an important part of our curriculum at KIS with Ms Martin delivering specialist lessons to KS1 and Ms Sharp to EY. In Reception the children have been focusing on tempo and dynamics. The children had a great time with the big drums.

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Headteacher Awards

We have had a busy start to the year with many headteacher awards given out during September. it is great to see the children so enthusiastic about their learning and so proud of their successes. It really is a highlight of the day seeing the children’s learning.

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King’s Infants Elche

We are delighted to announce that in September 2017, King’s Group will be opening the ninth school in our group. King’s College Infants Elche, will be a dedicated Infant School offering a British education to approximately 200 pupils from the age of 2 (Pre-Nursery) to 7 years old (Year 2). Click here to read our Press Release…


Year 2 perform the Jungle Book

Our amazing Year 2’s performed a wonderful show of the Jungle Book. Following the show the Year 2’s received the Graduation certificates and Prizes. we all enjoyed a lovely merienda prepared by Nexalia. we wish all our Year 2’s good luck in the next stage of their education. Good luck Year 2!



We are going on a Gruffalo hunt!

Our reception children performed the wonderful story of ‘We are going on a Gruffalo Hunt’ to a packed audience of family and friends. the children spoke clearly and thoroughly enjoyed performing on the stage. The songs were fantastic and we all ended up singing along to some classics! Well done to all involved in the…