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Last Day of Term

What a day we had on our last day of the second term! 

Not only did we celebrate International Day, but we also had a visit from the Easter Bunny!

Year One collected their basket of chocolate eggs left by the Bunny after completing the fantastic Easter Hunt, following clues around school!

The Easter Bunny also left a huge bag of chocolate eggs for the Koala class, who managed to find all the clues and answer all of the questions.

Meanwhile up in Year 2 the Bears and the Dragons were busy writing their names in Korean for International Day and hearing all about Mr Murray's experiences from when he lived in Korea.

We wish you a very happy and restful Easter week and we look forwards to Term 3, beginning on Tuesday 3rd of April.

First Aid Master Class

Reception had a super time on Monday 19th March with our special guests, Ms Grigg's mum and dad, who came to give a First Aid master class!

Mr and Mrs Grigg explained how some children are born with disabilities such a blindness or deafness. The reception classes learnt some sign language and had to guide their partner, who wore a blindfold, around the classroom to understand more about these disabilities.

Reception also learnt some key first aid basics; they now know how to check someone for a head injury and how to put on a sling safely in the case of a broken arm.

A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Grigg for this brilliant workshop and for teaching our children some essential life skills!

King’s College schools, ranked among the top international schools in Spain by EL MUNDO newspaper

King’s College schools of Madrid, Alicante and Murcia have been recognised among the best international schools in Spain by the RANKING DE LOS 100 MEJORES COLEGIOS, a highly respected publication that the Spanish newspaper EL MUNDO has issued every year since 1999.

While King’s College Madrid and King’s College Alicante have been consistently recognised in this ranking in the past, this is the first time King’s College Murcia has also been cited. This is due to the fact that this year the school in Murcia has reached its 10th anniversary and thus, has been able to apply for consideration in the Ranking.

You can read the full press release here.

You can also access the full ranking by clicking here.

Chinese New Year Celebrations

If you didn’t already know, 2018 is the Chinese year of the Dog! For Chinese New Year all of our pupils attended a special assembly organised by a group of our Chinese parents from school. We listened to a traditional flute and learnt how to wish friends a Happy New Year. It was fantastic surprise to see that so many of our pupils already knew the Happy New Year song off by heart... in Mandarin! A huge thank you to the parents who came along and who gave such an insightful presentation.

Pancake Day

Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, marks the day before Lent. Traditionally, this special Tuesday would be a day to use up all the eggs, fats and flour in the house. This year Luis and Paloma gave our children a masterclass in how whip up the perfect pancake batter and how to make each pancake a delicious golden brown colour. Everyone went home ready to make their own batch of delicious pancakes using all Luis and Paloma's tricks and tips!

Around The World Carnival

On Monday 12th of February we had our annual Carnival celebration where everyone, both students and staff, dressed up according to our ‘Around the World’ theme. We kicked off this special day with a parade in the hall; each class, dancing and singing, showed the rest of the school their wonderful outfits. Then Ms Sharp (dressed as a British Post Box!) awarded certificates to those who had made an extra-effort by creating their own costume at home. It was really great to see so many nations represented; we had a few Frenchmen armed with baguettes, a couple of Mexicans wearing their sombreros and even a tiny reindeer from Finland! Lots of our children wore beautiful traditional dress from their own countries and were able to teach their friends about other cultures and customs. It would not be a King’s celebration without a delicious merienda of ‘Churros y Chocolate’ provided by our fantastic kitchen team to finish off the day. 

Welcome meetings for parents

At the start of September Nursery-Year 2 had parent meetings to explain the school year ahead.
The presentations can be found here
End of year expectations for Reception-Year 2 can be found here


We are delighted to announce that our extra-curricular activities have started for this year. This year we have teamed up with CIDI to provide our new range of activities including rhythmic gymnastics and French. We are delighted to have added these new activities to KIS and many thanks to the parents for their feedback and suggestions for these new sessions. I am also pleased to hear that our new music room will be busy when piano, violin and music initiation lessons start in October. If you would like more information about any of the activities please contact Ms Caroline.


Swimming lessons started this week at the Forus pool on Pio Xii. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children took over half the pool at Forus and the teachers reported fantastic effort from all involved. We are not able to take photos in the pool however we will keep you posted about swimming progress over the next few weeks.