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KIS Street

This week saw the completion of KIS street - a joint project from the Year 2 and Nursery. The older children were partnered with a younger child, and the pairs set to work designing and building their homes for KIS street. This was a great way for our older children to learn how to teach and show others what they know, and the younger kids benefitted from having a pair of helping hands to bring their imagination to life. We're very proud of what they have created, and urge parents to have a look when they are next passing through. 

Dragons do Gardening

This week, our Dragons have been helping make our top patio look even more beautiful by adding some new plants! We transformed some old pallets into a multi-level planter. A big thank you to all the kids who helped out. Please come and have a look when you next pass through! 

50th Anniversary Celebration

This week we have been preparing the school for our 50th Anniversary Celebration. Our House Captains were fantastic at demonstrating exactly how our pupils should be. This year we buried a time capsule, to be opened in 25 years time. All the kids contributed a small piece of work to be unearthed by the children of the future. We hope the next 25 years will be just as successful as the first 50! Thank you to everyone who contributed. If you wish to see more photos of the event, please follow our social media accounts! 

Chinese New Year

Today is the Chinese New Year, and we are beginning the year of the Pig. Each class have been exploring parts of the chinese culture through various activites. They've been making lanterns, writing in chinese and learning about the Zodiac. Let's hope this year is prosperous for everyone here at KIS!

King's Group 50th Anniversary

Happy New Year! This year is very special for King's Group, as it marks our 50th anniversary. We are very proud to now be spread across 5 different countries around the world. Hopefully we continue expanding, allowing students all around the world the opportunity to study at King's College. We have a lot in store for this year, so keep an eye out for our 50th anniversary events! 

Bienvenue, KIS French Club!

This terms sees the start of the French club, which takes place every Monday, from 4.30 - 6. We would love as many children as possible to sign up. Children can pick up langauges much more easily than adults, so its a great opportunity to give them a passion for languages, which could be invaluable later in life. Please enquire at the office if you are interested! 

New House Captains

A big congratulations to this term's new house captains! They will be responsible for setting a good example for every other student in the school, as well as letting their teachers know how we can improve the school. From Bears class - María Cristina, Lucas, Nicolas, Elias, and Lucia A and Lucia C. From Dragons class - Amelia and Victoria. We wish them the best of luck! 

Clay Club Creations

This week, the Year 1 and 2 children in our wednesday afternoon Clay Club have finished designing and creating their boxes! Using clay in the classroom develops fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, and studies have shown that this can then affect academic performance later on in their life. To read more about the benefits of clay, please follow the link in the article. 

Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies

Today we had the pleasure of being visited by the lovely actors at Forum Theatre and Education, who put on an exciting performance of Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies. We saw some creative costumes, impressive props and we were told some fun stories that had all the children laughing!

Book Fair

Today we got all the children reading, through our annual book fair. The kids came in with 10 euros each so they could choose whichever books they wanted, and after that the parents came to have a look around as well. We believe that reading is vital for developing a child's learning, so we were very glad to seeing everyone so excited about their new books!

Dragons Trip to Centro de día Juan Pablo II

Today, Dragons class had the opportunity to visit Centro de día Juan Pablo II, and meet some of the residents who live there. They showed the children how to make some creative decorations, and even knitted each child a hat and a scarf, which had taken them months to prepare! The children were very pleased with their gifts and had a great time getting to know our neighbours. 

Bomberos Ayudan - Christmas Collection

From the start of December, the children at King's and their parents have been donating beautiful looking presents in support of Bomberos Ayudan, which will evenutally get sent to children who may otherwise not get anything at all for Christmas. Thanks to your generosity, we have collected almost 100 presents! If you wish to find out more about the charity, please follow the link attached in this newsbite. Happy Holidays!

Gardening at Kings

At the end of November, the children learnt all about gardening! They learnt how to plant plants so that they grow well, and what they need to do to keep them healthy. At the end we were left with a beautiful row of plants round our top patio. Feel free to come and look at what a great job the children did!