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Settling back into school

The children have been delighted to return to school after such a long period of time at home. We have been focusing on developing friendships and enjoying social time together. Each class is starting the morning with breakfast in class together, safely within their bubble. Our new building renovation has incorporated lots of glass panels which has helped the children still feel connected to one another when needing to play apart for social distancing. The children have enjoyed relational learning opportunities working together on big collaboartive pieces of art work, sensory play in water and shaving foam and building large constructions as groups using blocks. These first two weeks have given us wonderful moments where children are visably joyful at being back in school learning with their friends. One child in Reception said "we are so lucky we can come back to school now." The time spend at home has helped the children realise how much they love thier school and how happy it is to be back!