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Collaborative Play Opportunities

We are delighted to show you how the children in Nursery have been using the new bottom playground area and resources. They have been working together in groups to create imaginary places such as dens, houses, boats. This provides them with opportunities to socialise, use language to negotiate, plan, direct and imagine. It also enables them to work cooperatively taking turns and adapting structures as they evaluate how they form. The children are thoroughly enjoying this new area and it is popular every outdoor learning session.

Rainbow Challenge

This year we have introduced the 'Rainbow Challenge' to the children in Y1. A variety of activities are set up around the classroom and introduced to the children. These are each colour coded to link to curriculum and teachers have planned themcarefully to provide broad and balanced curriculum coverage and progression. These activities enable the children to consolidate their learning independently or with a partner. The 'Rainbow Challenge' helps to promote independence by allowing the children to place the correctly coloured lollipop stick into the their container when they have completed a task. Children manage their own time, to ensure they have completed all activities on the ‘menu’ by the end of the one week cycle. They have throughly enjoyed this new learning approach and it has enabled a smooth tranisition from the 'Child Initiated Learning' time allocated to much of their timetable whilst they were in Reception last year.