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May Fair 2018

On 26th May, we attended the annual May Fair hosted by our sister school in Soto de Viñuelas. As always, the event was a great success, raising a fantastic amount of money for our four charities: Amigos de Nyumbani, APAMA Alcobendas, Fundación Juegaterapia and Bomberos Ayudan. A huge thank you to everyone who took part in what was a great day!

Visit from Bomberos Madrid and the Residencia

On 16th May, the local Firemen ‘Bomberos Madrid’ visited to give us a super presentation on fire-safety. Our Reception classes are now feeling prepared and confident in the case of an emergency, so a huge thank you to Ivan, Emilio and Angel.
After the wonderful San Isidro festivities on Monday, Year 1 invited some of our friends from the Residencia to come to KIS. Our students beautifully danced the Chotis and some of our visitors joined in too!

San Isidro Celebrations

In celebration of San Isidro, everyone dressed up as a Chulapo or Chulapa and we ended the day with a delicious merienda of 'chocolate y churros'!
San Isidro is Madrid's patron saint; on the 15th of May it is traditional for Madrileños to dance the chotis, to eat Tontas and Listas (traditional donuts) and enjoy the music in Parque de San Isidro.
We hope everyone had a brilliant fiesta!

Book Day

April 23rd was Shakespeare's birthday, and so we could not help ourshelves but throw a Book Day!

Everyone has certainly gone to town with their book-inspired outfits; we have had some rather novel costumes including Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket.

Of course, there have been some classic choices such as The Hungry Caterpillar, The Gruffalo (and all of his friends), not to mention a few Alice In Wonderlands!

(Please excuse our book puns!)

Amigos de Nyumbani

On 12th April, we had a lovely visit from Ms Izabella Hearn, a former King's teacher, who came to give a special assembly. Ms Hearn works with Nyumbani, a wonderful charity based in Kenya, and explained to our children what life is like for orphans living at the Nyumbani Children's Home in Nairobi.

Our pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning about Kenyan culture, dressing up in traditional clothing and even learning some new words: JAMBO!

A huge ASANTE to Izabella for a wonderful assembly and we hope to see you again soon with more tales of Kenya!

Extreme Reading

Have you ever read a book on the top of a mountain, or whilst riding a sledge? Well, some of our pupils have!

This term we are challenging our children to do some 'extreme reading' and send in their photos to display in reception. So far we have received some fantastic photos, so please keep sending them in!

Last Day of Term

What a day we had on our last day of the second term! 

Not only did we celebrate International Day, but we also had a visit from the Easter Bunny!

Year One collected their basket of chocolate eggs left by the Bunny after completing the fantastic Easter Hunt, following clues around school!

The Easter Bunny also left a huge bag of chocolate eggs for the Koala class, who managed to find all the clues and answer all of the questions.

Meanwhile up in Year 2 the Bears and the Dragons were busy writing their names in Korean for International Day and hearing all about Mr Murray's experiences from when he lived in Korea.

We wish you a very happy and restful Easter week and we look forwards to Term 3, beginning on Tuesday 3rd of April.

First Aid Master Class

Reception had a super time on Monday 19th March with our special guests, Ms Grigg's mum and dad, who came to give a First Aid master class!

Mr and Mrs Grigg explained how some children are born with disabilities such a blindness or deafness. The reception classes learnt some sign language and had to guide their partner, who wore a blindfold, around the classroom to understand more about these disabilities.

Reception also learnt some key first aid basics; they now know how to check someone for a head injury and how to put on a sling safely in the case of a broken arm.

A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Grigg for this brilliant workshop and for teaching our children some essential life skills!

Welcome meetings for parents

At the start of September Nursery-Year 2 had parent meetings to explain the school year ahead.
The presentations can be found here
End of year expectations for Reception-Year 2 can be found here


We are delighted to announce that our extra-curricular activities have started for this year. This year we have teamed up with CIDI to provide our new range of activities including rhythmic gymnastics and French. We are delighted to have added these new activities to KIS and many thanks to the parents for their feedback and suggestions for these new sessions. I am also pleased to hear that our new music room will be busy when piano, violin and music initiation lessons start in October. If you would like more information about any of the activities please contact Ms Caroline.


Swimming lessons started this week at the Forus pool on Pio Xii. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children took over half the pool at Forus and the teachers reported fantastic effort from all involved. We are not able to take photos in the pool however we will keep you posted about swimming progress over the next few weeks.